Sunday, July 02, 2006

One Horizon website launched!

We are excited about the launch of our new web site about One Horizon.
Not all the links are in place yet but it's a good start.

if your interested, go here and read up on this new project.

this from the welcome page...

One Horizon is an international foundation supporting local initiatives. Our guiding image—our “one horizon”—is a world that works for everyone. To that end we mobilize resources and organize initiatives to reduce suffering, establish equality, build community, sustain development, and confront prejudices that stand in the way of these.
We work cooperatively through Communality, our faith community network, and we extend this cooperation to other civil society organizations through our Convergence network. Our work is supported by our own volunteer-based social program, Catalyst, and by grant-making with other qualified organizations. Research support is provided by the One Horizon Centre on Globalization. Financial resources are mobilized through the One Horizon Endowment


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Ariah Fine said...

This looks great! Thanks for helping others like you are.