Tuesday, July 18, 2006

local veg as sacrament

i took this pic at the downtown farmers market on saturday. the morning light was just low enough to surge under the stall's canopy and set the carrots ablaze...like a sacrifice on an altar. a walk through the market is a weekly family ritual that affirms our identity as created beings dependant on kentucky soil, water, and air for our survival. isaac enjoys pointing out that 'god made carrots and people and peaches and corn and toys and chocolate and cake and...." we enjoy marveling with passers at what god and humans can create together. i am glad to admit that the farmers market is nothing short of a holy sacrament for our family and a nourishment that goes beyond the food that is for sale. Posted by Picasa

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ryan k said...

Verily, beyond food that a farmer grew to a cinnamon roll that the blue moon garlic folks sell for Sunrise Bakery. Oh, why can't every day be Saturday?!