Monday, July 17, 2006

Psalm 16

I do not like to write. I do not like it at all. It has taken me the past two weeks to write a couple of papers that should have taken me an afternoon at most. I stress because I never think I can come up with the right words. So, last night, as I prepared for our prayer group this morning, I had a big surprise. I read Psalm 16 earlier in the week, and thought it might be a good psalm to use. Last night, I read it and felt the urge to write. I wanted to drop everything and try to paraphrase it to convey the way I think it speaks of our life in community. So, I painfully forced my husband to "help me"... I say painful because he was forced to listen to my ideas while trying hard not to "take over" because he wanted it to be my work, all the while absorbing my anxious crankiness.

This morning I almost didn't tell anyone I had written it. I stress over people reading my writing as well. So, to discipline myself, I'm going to post it here on our blog. I guess because I truly believe it was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. If there is anything good in it, that is the source. At times if it is awkward or doesn't make sense, it is because it is channeled through a reluctant, insecure messenger.

Psalm 16
We trust in you, Oh God,
for you protect us from ourselves.
We say to you Lord, “Take control of our lives.”
for on our own, nothing makes sense.

We cherish and delight in the faithful friends
you have given us in community.

Many in our world choose things other than God,
and we see the pain it causes.
We do not seek our joy through these things-
autonomy, wealth, popularity, and power.

As your people, you give us our daily bread:
nourishment through table fellowship,
homes to share, gardens to grow,
children through which we see the future

We praise the Lord who guides us.

He brought us together to be a reflection of Him and His work in the world
He is faithful to complete that work.
Let's not take ourselves so seriously,
we do not need to lose sleep at night.

So, let's relax, rejoice, and give thanks for one another.
We have found a place where we can belong.
We will not be abandoned.
Our greatest fears will not be confirmed.

God, You have placed us on this journey together.
Let us continue on with joy toward life abundant.
We celebrate all the blessings which you give.


jkoch said...

thanks lisa. beautiful words. i pray that your joy and attentiveness to the holy spirit can be contagious.

geoff said...

more of this please.
thanks for taking a risk and sharing this gift with us.

ryan k said...

I think what Geoff is trying to say is that we want to hear more of this from you, Lisa. I know that is what I am trying to say.