Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In the land of Oz.....

I am coming to the end of my first week of travel in Australia. My thanks to the Maddocks for their diligence in posting updates to their blog about our journeys. Today I said goodbye to the Maddocks in Melbourne to fly up to Brisbane to spend a couple of days with Ken and Leanne Baker, who were a part of our community during their time at Asbury. The trip has been great thus far and I've had lots of quality time catching up with the Maddocks and meeting some of their friends. As I've visited with them, toured the city of Melbourne, and began to learn a little bit more about Geoff's home country, I've been constantly reminded of what an exceptional privilege it is to have this opportunity. I do not take this opportunity lightly, and I am grateful to my wife, daughter, and the rest of the community for opening up the space for me to come here. I know that I can feel comfortable and at ease here knowing that you are praying for us and helping to support my family while I am away. So, thanks to everyone for helping to make this opportunity possible, and thanks to those of you who have had been diligent about supporting Geoff and Sherry by staying in contact with them and praying for them over the last six-months. I am glad to say that they have felt well supported by the community and are very excited about their upcoming return to Lexington. It is evident that they have missed everyone greatly and are filled with energy and enthusiasm about the things that lie ahead in Lexington. Their sojourn in Australia has been a sacrifice for them and for the rest of the community, where we have all been made to surrender something that is precious to us. However, being able to come here and see the relationships that they have been building and the ways in which they are learning from others and sharing the richness of our own communal journey, has made it clear to me the sacrifice has been well worth it. They have represented our community admirably and have introduced us into a myriad of neat relationships that I'm sure will be fruitful for many years to come. So, thanks again to everyone for praying for us and for helping to make this journey possible. I've got better internet access here in Brisbane (where I'll be until Thursday) and will try to do another post or two before I head back to Melbourne.

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