Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some news from Uganda....

The e-mail letter that follows is from my friend Paddy who James and I met in Uganda (the photo is of James and Paddy). Paddy and his brother Mark were orphaned after their parents died at young ages, and they have had to assume the responsibility of caring for their younger siblings while trying to live their own lives. Earlier this year Communality, in partnership with One Horizon Foundation and Church Planting International, helped buy Paddy and Mark a Boda Boda (moped) that they could use to start their own business. Anyhow, I wanted to share this letter because the thanksgiving belongs to the whole community, and because I wanted to ask all of you to keep praying for Paddy and Mark. These are two bright young men who really want the opportunity to study at a higher level but are having difficulty coming up with the funds to make it happen. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us as we consider how we might continue to come alongside them. These are very small (and humble) steps that we're taking, but I believe that they are leading us into bigger things and deeper graces in the work of the Kingdom.

Dear Billy it is great to hear from you my brother ...thank for the boda has changed our lives so much i wrote to you about my studies billy and as well as for mark and the rest...billy i have no defined support in that area, mark he is advanced level and i am hoping to join the universiry to pursue information technology if God blesses me........because that cause seems to be relatively cheap ands it is selling here in soory i had asked you some money to help me get through with brothers 'last year in his ordnary level...but am still lack in that point...billy thank you very much for the bike because it helps to feed us we no longer sleep on empty stomachs as it used to be before and we used not to have lunch. the bike has done a great impact in the familly life..thank you...Am happy to inform you that we opened up football and netball teams at church and i will soon send you the details about it....Billy i love to study but.........please if there is any plan .....pray for me i love you and send my lovely greetings to your lovely family.....God bless you paddy

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