Friday, December 12, 2008

advent conspiracy

I don't know how to post videos onto here, or else I would try to make it easier for you to view the Advent Conspiracy video. But what I can do is help you know how to find it--go to site, and then click on the video entitled "Enter the Story". I found it on someone's facebook page...good challenge as we are in the midst of the countdown to Christmas. (13 days from today). But of course, Christmas isn't really the only time we can think about these sorts of things. But definitely the time of year we are intentionally looking for meaning, and so naturally our hearts are more in tune to messages that lead us to the meaning. I don't share this video because I have it all figured out. The only reason I haven't spent much money yet is because I've always been one of those last minute shoppers. I hate shopping. But I have to admit that I haven't made any decisions to put my money and time towards more meaningful investments, either. There's still time for all of us, though!


geoff and sherry said...

thanks for posting this, lori. these videos are a wonderful resource and we're actually watching them on sundays at our gatherings as we approach christmas.

we are all recovering consumers and these videos go a long way to helping us toward wholeness.

another wonderful collection of videos for this season are at


Raeburst said...
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Raeburst said...

I'm just a random reader of your blog (I found it off some connection from a random shane claiborne thing, I think).
But I was really excited to see this!
Our church in Madison, Wisconsin is participating in the Advent Conspiracy and it's cool to see it talked about all over the place. I know it's definitely having a really cool effect with us.