Monday, December 15, 2008

be patient

last night we took time in our weekly gathering to ponder patience. 

so much to do. 

so much that needs fixing. 

such deep need for a savior. 

yet we are expected to wait for the fullness of the kingdom Jesus inaugurated.  we shared about our impatience and the frustration that comes with expectation.  we were reminded of the need for gentle urgency and the steady grace of being co-laborers with God.

i spotted this prayer and thought it put words to our time last night:

why wait?

Why wait for the gift that has already come?
Why wait to meet the guest already here?
Why wait for the child already born?

In the wait we see the beauty of the gift
In the wait we encounter the true presence of the guest
In the memory of the wait we know the child who holds us

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