Saturday, September 11, 2004

Cry "Have-At-It" and Let's Eat the Dogs so Raw!

Of course, none of the dogs were "raw" per-se, but we did give away over 150 beef and turkey weiners at the Roots and Heritage festival this morning. Although one might argue whether a hotdog is a "meat product", being ever-conscious of the code (LFUCG CoO: Article 1, Section 10-1b), we offered free coffee and hotdogs as the parade kicked off, with a jar available to take donations for Kentucky Refugee Ministries. At first the marketing department (complete with a state-of-the-art sandwichboard) was outpacing the production department (a.k.a. the "grill faster, you dogs!" and "what happened to the bloody slit in this bun?" department), and lines quickly backed up. One hour and one emergency "bun-run" later, supplies were exhausted, leaving a mob of not-so-hungry people, a cooling charcoal grill, and $58.44 in donations to KRM.
(There's More...)Lessons learned:

  • If you have 150 hotdogs, having 150 buns is a good idea.

  • When you're out of buns and out of plates, a free hotdog served on a napkin is apparently acceptable.

  • Marketing with the word "free" necessitates production in large, rapid quantities.

  • If you don't distinguish between "hotdogs" and "turkey dogs", no one cares. If you do distinguish, everyone cares (and no one wants the turkey dog).

  • Once a hotdog falls through the grill, just let it go... it's gone.


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geoff said...

very good. it is as i remember it. when we get the pictures i'll post some and we can relive the urgent-glory of grilling dogs for free. thanks for all your help and thank to the folk at Wesleyan Fellowship ( for donating the coffee and dogs.