Monday, September 20, 2004

you made some promises....

A couple of Thursday nights ago at our 3rd St gathering we spent some time talking about Exodus 32 and the whole golden-calf-reveling-mess that blew up somewhere in the scratchy sand surrounding a way to enter the text and see how it might shape us we broke up into 3s and 4s and re-scripted the story from the inside - different ones assuming the voices of Moses, Aaron, the people, God, etc.
Here's what one of the groups came up with. They were trying to see it from Moses' perspective....

So, Moses had been wandering through barren, craggy hills, hands wringing, sweating through his responsibility. God had not confirmed the plan. These dirty, fickle people had been walking through the desert. Moses had no compass. There was no gas station. The promised land was not in sight. Again, Moses was sweating it.
Eventually God comes back to tell Moses about his earing-less people freaking out and thinking this brokenass calf brought them out of Egypt.
"I'm gonna blow up. I'm superflyTNT. I'm dynamite.
I'm a race car in the red."

Moses said,
"Chill, they aint my people. You brought 'em here. Don't give that locust and frog eatin' fool Pharaoh the satisfaction. So, chill man. Remember all those old dead dudes...Abraham and whatnot. You made some promises."

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