Thursday, November 25, 2004


it is a wonderful favorite since making this country my home. in Australia we have no Thanksgiving day and it is a shame - probably more a case of wrong season than ingratitude. the day started with some flurries of snow and preparing food for our annual family-feast at the 3rd st household (our largest community-home). there were as many as 30 people there and the food was plentiful (and delicious). it's always a joy to see family and friends gather in communion to celebrate gratitude. John beautifully set the tone with a sacred prayer that acknowledged just how blessed we are to be gathered together and to belong to such a loving extended family. thanks to everyone who brought food and gave their time to create a family-space for those who might not have it today. Later in the afternoon i returned to the house to pick up some things and found a gorgeous gathering of people playing those of you there, thank you for giving me a most spectacular glimpse of the kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.


Will said...

As Lisa and I were thinking of things we were thankful for, we thought of you guys - Geoff, Sherry, Billy and Maria - and how we are all in God's story together. We are so thankful for you guys.

geoff said...

thank you Will. the fact that "we are all in God's story together" is one of the most enduring and encouraging truths for us. we are deeply grateful for you and lisa (and your gorgeous kids) and the kinship we feel with you all is holy.