Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thoughts on evangelism

Since we are starting to shape thoughts on evangelism and our community, I thought we should have some good examples of evangelistic efforts. I discovered this in a central Florida news site and thought it might be helpful for our conversation.

46-Year-Old Reportedly Trying To Convert Lions To Christianity

A man was attacked and injured after jumping into a lion's den at the Taipei Zoo and trying to convert the lions to Christianity.
The 46-year-old man leaped into the den of African lions and shouted "Jesus will save you," according to the report. He also said, "Come bite me" before one of the male lions attacked and bit the man.

Maybe we are afraid a lion may bit us too!


Anonymous said...


....spent a little too much time reading the Chronicles of Narnia when he was a kid...........? ..or maybe too little time?.... Must have missed the part about Aslan being extremely dangerous.......

geoff said...

hi anonymous,
nice link to Aslan. i think it was Lucy who asked if Aslan was safe, and was informed that he most certainly was not...."but he's good!"
...and just to avoid any confusion, our dear friend TP posted this particular reflection (not me).....the ashram is a collaborative effort that (hopefully) resonates with a chorus of voices in our community.