Sunday, June 05, 2005

moving mountains (continued)

there is an important week coming up.
for those of us interested in the universe of justice issues needing attention in Kentucky, mountain top removal is a critical matter that demands attention. Communality is hosting the event (below) on June 15th and the High St House (112 W. High St) will be a base of operations for the weeklong leg of the Lexington campaign. here's a brief statement about mountain justice summer...

Mountain Justice Summer is a campaign of concerned organizations and individuals that will put thenational spotlight on the devastation caused by mountain top removal mining. Participants are committed to outreach, education, and non-violentcivil disobedience in our drive towards environmental and social justice for the residents of theAppalachian coalfields. We will visit West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond in witness, and in action, to save the land and people from the gluttonous greed of King Coal. You are invited to spend this summer defending our mountains and our heritage. Please join us, as we put an end, forever, to mountain top removal mining!

see here for the previous related post with links to more information.
...and here's the role-call for June 12th-17th:

Mountain Justice Summer
For an End to Mountain Top Removal Mining in Kentucky!

Wednesday, June 8 – Sunday, June 12
MJS Direct Action Training Camp
near Louisa, KY
Please visit and complete a registration form to attend these workshops on forest skills and scouting, first aid, and conducting safe and effective acts of civil disobedience.

Sunday, June 12
Mountain Witness Tour
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth brings the city kids and suburbanites out to see and hear for themselves the impacts of MTR mining on Eastern Kentucky’s landscape and communities. Please contact Kevin at to attend.

Monday, June 13
KFTC Coal Haulers Survey

Overloaded coal trucks are a constant threat to the lives and safety of residents in Eastern Kentucky. Join us as we interview coal truck drivers for a fresh perspective on how King Coal attempts to divide workers and environmentalists, and collect valuable data to support ongoing KFTC lawsuits. Contact to participate.

Tuesday, June 14
Mountain Top Removal Film Festival
The Kentucky Theater, Lexington, KY
Five Films for $5! Showtime is 5:30 pm.
5:30 “Mucked - Man Made Disaster: Flash Flooding in the Coalfields”
6:35 “To Save the Land and People” 7:40 “Kilowatt Ours”
8:45 “Sludge”
10:00 “The End of Suburbia – Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the
American Dream”

Wednesday June 15 – Thursday June 16
Banner, Sign & Puppet Making Parties
Help us craft materials in peparation for the rush hour rally in Lexington. Please contact Stephanie at to donate your cloth, paints, creative ideas, and artistic abilities.

Wednesday, June 15
Clean Water Act Workshop
Lexington, KY
Members of the Kentucky Waterways Alliance present an illuminating workshop on changes to the Clean Water Act, introduced by our federal government, that streamline mine permitting, and the terrible consequences for Kentucky’s water systems. In the days following the workshop, join us at the banks of threatened waters as we test for key water quality indicators, and collect data to be submitted to the EPA. Please contact Dave at to attend and participate.

Thursday, June 16
Downtown Canvass
Lexington, KY
The Lexington Environmental Action Project’s canvass of Lexington. Tell
Kentucky Utilities: No more coal from MTR mines!
Please contact Perrin at to participate.

Friday, June 17
Rally to End Mountain Top Removal

Lexington, KY
Bring your banners and drums to Triangle Park at 4 pm. Hear speakers, songs, and learn ways to achieve a sustainable future for Kentucky, a future beyond coal! Followed by a march past the Kentucky Coal Association and Kentucky Utilities to demand an end to mountain top removal mining!

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