Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sunday evening service

A group of us sat around the tables Sunday evening in the fellowship hall, awaiting the lasagnas still steaming in the corner as the gathering was opened with prayer. A church potluck? Not exactly. Lisa and I had been invited to the Gay/Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO) Awards Banquent, and so we were seated at the tables of the Unitarian Universalist Church on Clay's Mill Road. The GLSO, as the name implies, is an association of organizations involved in service to the gay community, including AVOL, Movable Feast, Pride of the Bluegrass, and GSA.

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Lisa and I were there as guests of Movable Feast, which delivers free meals nightly in the greater Lexington area to those living with HIV/AIDS and Bluegrass Hospice patients. Having volunteered with them for the past four years, including a summer of working full-time in the kitchen, Lisa was unknowingly designated their "volunteer of the year" for the banquet.

During the course of the ceremony, Terry, the director of Moveable Feast, stood up front and described Lisa's dedication and service and invited her up to be recognized. She received her award with a hug... and came back again to sit next to me at the table, as probably the only straight couple in the crowd.

I, for one, was thankful to be carried on her coattails to this Kingdom event.


geoff said...

congratulations lisa...thanks for all your good work with moveable feast. you are an amazing example to me of a person practicing the ways of jesus.
thanks for posting this, CG.

sherry said...

CG - thanks for your blog. I might be a bit over emotional at the moment, but it moved me to tears. I am shamelessly proud of Lisa and her dedicated, committed work with Moveable Feast and the local HIV/AIDS community. Only once did I go with her on a meal delivery route through a rough part of town, but it was enough for me to recognize the risk and personal sacrifice required of her to serve in such a capacity. And not only that, Lisa has faithfully persevered through discouragement and criticism from others to stand with marginalized people (local homosexual friends and people in need). By this, she has contributed to the restoration of our (Christians) damaged reputation among homosexuals and accomplished much for the Kingdom. I grin from ear to ear when I imagine my sweet friends, Lisa and Clinton, eagerly and lovingly attending such a banquet. It's just as Jesus would have it.

rsm said...

Lisa - I was very impressed reading about your work. I agree with Sherry that this is exactly where Jesus would be, as I suppose the gay/HIV (+) demographic would contain some of the most marginalized in our city.

Since we previously differed in the blogosphere about related issues, let me state here, in the presence of many, that I greatly admire you.