Wednesday, June 29, 2005

a seedy mob

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this is a fantastic reflection from marcus curnow (urban seed, melbourne, australia). it amazed me that many of the things their community talked about on sunday connected with our conversation on sunday...and all these miles away! must have something to do with meta-koinonia.

aside from it being a powerful reflection on being the people of God, it is a brilliant example of contextualized witness and identity. mark, marcus, and the rest of the team are gently shaping a new church to think about themselves locally engaged in a global movement of God's blessing. This is an encouragement to me and a challenge to be more creative about the ways we work out these things in Lexington.

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Marcus Curnow said...

Love the meta-koinonia concept!
Great to connect. Love the gentle blurb describing how you see yourselves......"a humble attempt at authentic living. relying on community and conversation for holistic answers to fractured questions. trying to catch a glimpse of the kingdom coming. seeking the one who said "follow me"...
much grace
marcus curnow