Saturday, December 10, 2005

Advent III: Be Patient

Wholeness, love, and joy come with the Advent of Messiah. We've been awakened to that. But we've also been awakened to the reality that our journey is potholed by brokenness, hate and discontent... and we're caught in the middle.

We welcome the coming. We are surprised and challenged by the glimpses of advent that God reveals to us, and we would welcome its full coming sooner. We expect it; we anticipate it; we long for it.

And we wait.

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Wait for the coming of Messiah. Slow down and watch for it carefully. The faithful have been doing so since the story began. Abraham looked for the seed of blessing, and only caught a glimpse. David shepherded the people of Israel in seeking God's heart, and struggled through. Isaiah prophesied of the judgement and restoration of that inbreaking of Messiah, and himself waited for that culmination.

And so we wait as well... and active, hope-filled waiting leads us to faithfulness.... and calls us to patience.

Some suggestions for action:
  • Fast from convenience. Fast from the microwave or the car or perhaps fast food.
  • Choose to wait in line. Take the "human" register at the supermarket and take the time to tell the cashier, "I appreciate you."
  • Think of a person or situation that has left you in a place of exasperation or wanting to give up, and pray for patience. Genuinely, expectantly... pray for patience.
  • Post your own comment or suggestion here.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. So, this is the Lexington, KY cohort?

Blue November said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Mike. Lexington is indeed one of our fellowship's loci, but I'm wondering... a cohort of what?

geoff said...

already this week i'm racking up the patient moments. on monday morning i dashed into the post office to get some stamps and 35 minutes later i walked out. long line. long wait. i had nothing to do but think. and so my thoughts drifted to our sunday gathering and the advent gift of waiting. it was a blessing to know that we would all be pondering the merits of patience this week. it was not unlike the comfort that comes when one is fasting in solidarity with others. a certain resolve and peace is born from a collective commitment. then i waited in traffic, waited for an amazing meal my visiting mum cooked for dinner, waited through conversations with a friend who suffers from severe paranoid schizophrenia. I’m still waiting for patience to come more easily…