Friday, December 09, 2005

some random links

"Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion"
an interesting review of the new Narnia film from one of Britain's best known atheists here

"Strangers in the Dazzling Night: A Mix of Oil and Misery"
a fascinating article from the NY Times about natural gas and poverty in Nigeria here

"From Africa to Ukraine: Eastern Europe's most influential pastor is a Nigerian who wants to reach the world through his Ukranian congregation. "
great article about today's global-missionary context here - affirms the idea that mission in our time is 'from everywhere to everywhere'

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james said...

Polly must have had some bad experiences in church growing up. I mean how dare Lewis try to cram his agenda down the throats of the helpless readers. Fortunely, this review does nothing of the sort! It steers clear of overarching genralisations about the attitudes of all non-believers and never even approaches an over-simplification of theological themes. She was right about one thing, I was wishing I had my sick-bag handy.