Friday, December 16, 2005

christianity makes for an unhealthy society?

this article from MSNBC today is worth reading. the basic question posed is this:
is a society (liberal, democratic) "healthier" if it is also "christian"?
here's a quote from the end of the article which seems to get us to the heart of the debate,
But Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist seminary — even as he questions Paul’s academic credentials and data — now says it doesn’t really matter whether he’s right or wrong. His paper sends the wrong message because it asks the wrong questions.
Sure, he’s concerned that “there were those trying to make the argument that a society made up of secular citizens would be better off than one made up of Christian citizens,” he said.
But “I also wanted to warn Christians that the argument for the truth of the Christian faith is independent of the social science statistics. It actually has very little to do with suggesting to a society that if you adopt [Christianity], you will better off as a people,” he said.
“I would go so far to say that I would not want a person to become a Christian because they want to see a lowering in social pathologies, but because they’ve come to believe in Christ.”

as i understand it, the truth of the christian faith is firmly rooted in social science statistics. Matthew 25 and Jeremiah 29 spring immediately to mind. but should this be a primary motive for us to engage in mission and introduce people to Jesus? what think ye?

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