Friday, April 28, 2006

Additional thoughts......

There is actually an award winning documentary about the life and death of Kevin Carter that was nominated for a 2006 Academy Award. Though I have not yet seen it, I found the website helpful in terms of outlining the bigger picture of Kevin Carter's life and work. It seems like his life was the ultimate expression of the paradox that faces many journalists; do you focus upon getting the story out to the world or take direct personal action? Isn't getting the story out to the world a very significant form of action? Well, I believe that it certainly is, but does it really have to be this kind of an either/or dichotomy?

Also, has an ongoing campaign to help raise consciousness and facilitate action around the situation in Darfur.
(sorry, I still haven't figured out the web-link stuff)

Lastly, thanks to Kevin Carter....your wound has helped to heal me....

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