Monday, April 03, 2006

Plant a Row for the Hungry

on sunday at the 3rd st group gathering we talked about the "Plant a Row for the Hungry" program (PAR). i just discovered that there was a short article in the local paper on Saturday about PAR. here is the link and here, below, is the whole article with details about how to participate.
and here is the official site for the PAR program.

Blessed are the fruits of thy garden
Homegrown summer produce is for sharing.
That's the philosophy behind Plant a Row for the Hungry, or PAR, a national program that was started in 1994 by the Garden Writers Association. The goal is to encourage home gardeners to grow extra fruit and vegetables and donate the produce to local food banks and soup kitchens that serve the homeless and the hungry.

This year gardeners are being asked to donate their fresh food contributions to God's Pantry Food Bank, 1685 Jaggie Fox Way. Donations are accepted from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. God's Pantry has been working with PAR for five years and has been receiving assistance from the Fayette County Master Gardeners, Lexington Farmers Market, Federal Medical Center and Blackburn Horticulture Club. This year they are joined in their efforts by the Homemakers Association of Fayette County and The Happy Gardener Inc.
Organizations that would like to be a part of this much-needed effort can call Robert Srodulski, food drive coordinator at God's Pantry, (859) 255-6592.

For help in getting started, pick up a brochure, a garden marker and a pack of organic seeds (donated by The Happy Gardener) on April 15 at the Wal-Mart off Richmond Road from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. or call the Fayette County Cooperative Extension Service about upcoming events for the Homemakers Association at which it will be promoting the PAR campaign.

To find out about the Madison County PAR campaign, call Micah McKenzie at (859) 626-1815 or Angie Horn at (859) 369-3167.

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