Saturday, October 07, 2006

(not) crocodile tears

i was really sad when i heard about that crocodile bloke from Australia, Steve Irwin. i was quite surprised how sad i felt and i'm still not sure why - perhaps it's because i'm australian and a long way from 'home', perhaps it was Steve's love for nature that enlivens me, perhaps i'm just soft. anyway, the other day my dad sent me a link to this article by Brian Mclaren and it caused tears to flow as a lament and in gratitude - a proper grieving. it managed to touch me where my sadness lay and i'm very grateful for Brian's writing. here's a snippet from the piece and here's the link to read the whole article.

I don’t recall Steve speaking of God much. But every time he said, “Isn’t that a little beauty!” I think he was speaking for God, the One who notices and loves the smallest goodness of every created thing. The look on his face when he sat with an orangutan or swam with a green sea turtle or let a lizard perch on his finger – that look in itself was a sign and a wonder. Sure, some people think he was over the top, but with millions of other fans, I miss him, and with them, I’m inspired to live life a little – no, a lot - louder and freer because of him … playing my own unique part in the sacred mission of saving love. Rest in peace, Steve-o. Well done.

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billy said...

This is indeed a beautiful reflection on the loss of a pretty amazing guy...sorry Geoff if I failed to recognize the significance of this loss for you..I guess Steve Irwin was in many ways just a stone's throw away from being a St. Francis to us-maybe to some he is.....I guess that is much more than most of us can say about ourselves! Thanks for sharing....