Wednesday, March 28, 2007

emergent book blog

(from sherry)

"an emergent manifesto of hope", the first book in emergent's 2007 collection, is out now and the publishers at baker books created a blog for contributors to post thoughts, ideas, etc that follow up from their chapters. communality can proudly boast that, of the 20 or so chapters in the book, there are three from our community - will samson, randy woodley and geoff & sherry. check out the blog - there's a piece from will and geoff.

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Geoff Smith said...

I find myself drawn to this blog for two reasons. The recommendations of the Psalters and Aaron Weiss of this funny group of "radicals" or radishes. And you spell Geoff the same way my parents did with me. Anyway, that is an amazing poem. I hope I can be in communications with you folks here with how exactly to live out Christ centered community in my particular context.