Thursday, March 15, 2007

principles of compassion

(from sherry)

studying dave andrew's book, "not religion but love" has brought great challenge to me while providing a means for me to gather with other women to learn and encourage one another. we're only to chapter six and i'm barely coping under the weight of conviction. it is a good, simply-written book about life in the spirit of god and the compassion of jesus for the most marginalized and disadvantaged - the kind of compassion that builds relationships and brings about justice. this excerpt comes from a chapter titled "just practice."

"practising compassion, like christ, involves pratising principles that do justice to people. principles are not a substitute for passions. principles don't move us like passions do. but principles can guide our passions...chirst's principles give us a framework to help us think about what we feel about others...chirst shared his principles that were simple enough to understand and practical enough for anyone to be able to put them into practice.

don't make a show of your religion in order to attract attention to yourself. -matt 6:1

whenever you do someone a favour, don't tell the world about it. - matt 6:2

always treat other people as you would like them to treat you. - matt 7:12

do not treat children with contempt. - matt 18:10

treat older people with respect. - luke 18:20

just love your neighbour as yourself. - luke 10:27

how sad it is for you who neglect to do justice. - luke 11:42

stop judging people by mere appearances. - john 7:24

whoever want to be a leader should be a servant of all. - matt 20:26

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