Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Five Stages of Peak Oil.....

Here is a little humor-not sure this is what Elizabeth Kubler-Ross intended, but I think it works!-borrowed from a very interesting and provocative website entitled "Oil Change International"-check it out........


Finally, a little edgy humor from a peak oil site we like:

The Five Stages of Peak Oil

DENIAL — Driving from suburbia to your downtown job every day in your Chevy Tahoe.

ANGER — “%$@^##& Exxon!, gouging me at the pump. I demand you lower your prices or I will boycott you!”

BARGAINING — “The Chinese need to stop using so much oil. My, they’re burning six million barrels every day.” “We need to get corn farmers to make more ethanol, a 5 % blend would really help.” “Maybe we can invade Iran and take control of their oil reserves.”

DEPRESSION — “Oh God, civilization as we know it is going to be destroyed. What are we going to do without oil? How can farmers possibly grow any food? Think about the big box retail industry! Oh the calamity!”

ACCEPTANCE — “You know what, my ten minute commute by bicycle is far nicer than my hour long commute from my old place.”


maria said...

This is just hilarious. I think we're at stage 4, definite depressions about the whole issue... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I concur with Maria: This is hilarious! Thanks for posting.