Saturday, April 05, 2008

thoughts on love

this year our community of faith is wading through, wrestling with, being pounded by and enveloped in the beautiful passage of love from 1 cor. 13.

this is an excerpt about the economy of love from richard swenson's book on margin that i am reading (most) mornings:

"to have accepted the love of god is to be armed and disarmed at the same time.  no weapon is more powerful.  but in using such a weapon it is the user who is broken wide open.  this is a love that cannot rightly be kept in - it is a bursting-out love.  in its spilling out, it binds to others.  and when it binds to others, it heals, it knits hearts, it builds community, and it brings everything together in perfect unity (see col 3:14).

and at the end of the reflection, this is the prescription swenson gives: 

"invest in love.  yield to love.  be transformed by love.  allow nothing to stand in the way of your commitment to love.  don't use overload as an excuse, and don't spend your last moments on earth apologizing for your life.  set love in order, beginning today."


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