Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I wanted to let everyone know that registration is now open for Papafest 2008, to be held June 19-22 (Thurs-Sun). You can visit the website at Many of us attended Papafest in 2006 and had a good time. This year, we'll be gathering ... west of Chicago.
This year, Papafest is still technically "free" but will be collecting donations at the gate.
Registration is open to 1,000 people and it's already half full. So if you'd like to attend this year, it's not too soon to visit the web site!
- Maria


thule~ said...

i'm looking for people to meet up with when me and my 2 girls go. i'm in houston and will probably ride amtrak unless we find a ride with others. i have close friends who were a part of your community (the gladdings) and hop to meet some of ya'll who are going. email me please..

Reba Place said...

hey there - I noticed you mentioned the location of PAPAfest in this post. I know that PAPAfest organizers (one of whom I live with) are trying to keep the location a secret until people register, so that the farm doesn’t get overwhelmed by well-meaning, but unregistered people. Could you just tell people to register instead? Roselyn