Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Goodbye to the High Street House office....

This month has involved a lot of substantial change for me and my family. John moved out of our home two weeks ago after six-years of shared life, and today I moved out of the office that I've occupied for nearly a decade, since the early months of Communality. I want to thank Ryan, Hollywood, and Jodie for helping me with the move. I feel good about leaving this office to Ryan and I like how the two chairs remain in the center of this picture. I believe that a lot of fruit is going to be borne by Ryan as he works here with others and goes out from here. Anyhow, it is a time of reflection for me. This space has been a place where I've grown more than I ever could have imagined, and is yet a space that I'm leaving wishing that I had grown much more in some ways. This is life; it can never be fully mastered, I reckon, or we're not setting our sights high enough or being honest enough. Anyhow, the main thing that I want to do is to give thanks for the time that I had in the High Street House office, time that changed my life forever. Thanks to all the people that shared their lives with me there, in that building, working together to try to be faithful to our belief that the church is not a building.........truly, it is not...but it is still vitally important to have special places in our lives. This might be the greatest and most ironic lesson I have learned over the last ten years.

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maria said...


I'm sorry I haven't posted a comment here yet. I can't believe you've moved out of this office, but I know good things await at 108 West High Street. Although I quail to think of the shenanigans you & Mark will pull there.

Seriously, we bless your going, and we bless your arrival next door, and we celebrate all that happened in that office, and because of it. We love you!