Sunday, July 13, 2008

oil, oil, oil

check out this astounding segment on "fast money".  my brother sent me this link at


Mr matthew simmons is no shrill lefty...this man has been an energy advisor to the current president.

what is most astounding about this video is the way the 'experts' grimace and smirk while simmons breaks it down.  it is as if they cannot imagine a world where commodity prices, oil rigs, and food are all connected.  this is serious and lives are in the is not all about making "fast money."

a hard rain's a-gonna fall.

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billy said...

Right on target......unfortunately, our forebears were not right on target in the 70's and the bill is now coming due.....the transition from cheaper oil to other alternative means could have been easier but in this case it seems quite likely that it will not be easy, and that there are going to continue to be a lot of pointing fingers as the market seeks to correct what we've failed to act upon....thanks Geoff