Friday, July 25, 2008

It Helps to Have a Cheering Section

Last night I was cooking for myself at the end of a long day. The windows were open in the kitchen. Behind our home is a row of houses that face two baseball fields, and on many summer nights we can hear baseball being played before a small crowd.

My heart and stomach applauded together as I set about my work. This was echoed by the baseball fans. I chopped two onions and a beet we found unexpectedly at the London Ferrell Community Garden just hours earlier. Mild applause here (the beet is not a crowd-pleaser). These went into the skillet and were followed by okra, which was more exciting. The green beans seemed to get the crowd into it a bit more. I reached for an ear of corn Jodie had gotten from the farmer’s market and they went wild. All of this began to simmer together, and I was thinking about my next move. I grabbed our first heirloom tomato–a yellow beauty–you should have seen it. This brought the house down. I pumped my fist and did a victory dance. I don’t recall the final score, but the home team had clearly won.

(from Ryan)


billy said...

Funny stuff...I can picture you doing the dance and the fist pump..perhaps we should explore getting you your own cooking show on public access...I think it could be a hit...particularly if we could make Asher stop growing and always remain this cute, he could be your mascot!

Dan Lowe said...

I miss you guys so much!