Friday, March 20, 2009

Digging in the dirt.......

I wanted to share this piece of good news with the community and other friends. Our good friend Keith Wasserman and his ministry in Athens, Ohio called "Good Works," just celebrated the ground breaking for a new facility their building called the "Hope Center." For nearly 30 years Good Works has served the city of Athens by caring for the rural homeless in Southeast Ohio by providing them shelter, community support, and job assistance and various other services. They have also served Athens and the rest of America by providing a context where thousands of volunteers have been able to serve, learn, and grow in their understanding of their own faith and humanity and the broader issues surrounding poverty. The Hope Center is being built as a place that will be used to help house volunteers who come to Good Works, help facilitate their training and be a place that can be used by the wider progam and community. One Horizon Foundation is helping to provide the funding to build the "Hope Center," and we are looking forward to its completion and the sacred service that will be performed there. For anyone who is looking to do an internship or service project in Appalachia I would highly recommend checking out "Good Works."


maria said...

Thanks for letting everyone know about this!

Adam said...

Hi was looking for a way to contact The Simple Way through email, but I didn't find anything. I am a youth pastor in Brantford ON. I want to possibly take my youth to see and help out with The Simple Way. Is This something that we could possibly do? Who do I contact about this stuff? You can email me @
May God's Love Endure