Friday, March 13, 2009

lent and water

as we have done in previous lenten seasons, some of the community are fasting from certain practices, foods, drinks and attitudes. we have discovered, over time, that this is a beautiful way God interrupts our lives. such interruption to rhythm and routines allows us to catch up and/or slow in such a way we can be re-oriented for holy week and the easter story.

a group of us have (again) been fasting from all beverages except water. we take the money we might have spent on these other drinks and contribute to some of our kin in other places who long for clean water.

it is a happy coincidence that world water day falls within the lenten season and we wanted to focus our redeemed resources on the amazing work World Relief does. so, here are the links. if you are part of our life together in Lexington, please feel encouraged to contribute to this need - you don't have to be fasting to put money in (billy will have the tin out at our gatherings). ...and obviously, we encourage anyone and everyone to mark world water day with a gift to water projects.

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