Thursday, March 05, 2009

vandana shiva

DSC_4046 we had the honor of hearing vandana shiva speak last night (see this link for more about her work).  she was the speaker at the University of Kentucky's annual sustainability lecture.  Dr. Shiva was inspiring and eloquent.  she shared her remarkable insight into the global issues we all face - food, energy, poverty, health.  there are too many things to try and share in this post but the thing i came away thinking about was her point about 'protectionism'.  she wondered out loud why protecting things that are precious has become a bad word....don't we want to protect our natural resources, our land, the people we love?  it's amazing how powerful words become once they take on a tone - i had only thought of protectionism as a bad word in the world of globalization.  we had a good crowd from communality attend...any of you want to share a reflection on Dr. Shiva's talk?

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Dan Lowe said...

Hey guys, I have no reflections as I wasn't there, but have Seedleaf and Communality considered starting a seed bank in Kentucky? Love you guys!