Wednesday, August 16, 2006

30 Days, atheism, christianity, and reality TV

sometimes i hear about tv shows and wish we had cable...
this show, 30 days, looks really interesting. the idea is that people with different opinions on life (religion, politics, etc.) spend 30 days together. it looks like reality TV with a twist and perhaps some redemptive value.
apparently there was an episode last week where an atheist moved in with a christian family.
this blog post summarizes the atheist/christian episode. it's well worth looking over.
and here's a clip from the show (YouTube).

from what i have read on blogs it seems like another sad episode in current-day christian witness. apart from that, it does raise some great questions about mission in our context...although, it is my understanding that atheism is actually a bit passe and people who don't identify themsleves as 'christian' are more likely to be open to spirituality/theism.

on related matters...i think it would also make a great show if they set up a 'big-brother' type house and loaded it with christians of various types - baptists, catholics, methodists, anglicans, etc. and then throw in a few pagans, agnostics, athiests...and then some missional/emerging types. and then give them a project like settling refugees or caring for cancer patients, or visitnig prisoners, or delivering meals to people with AIDS. i would break down and get cable for a show like that.


Maria Kenney said...

And it would be fun to participate!

geoff said...

...and upon reflection, i guess our life in missional community is just a modified version of this wacky tv-show idea. if we are intentional about relationships, service, and crossing cultural boundries, all of this happens in our day to day life. i can think of at least three occasions in recent weeks where i have be in dialogue with people of various 'faith traditions' and world views as we have tried to work together on projects that, imho, usher us into the kingdom of God. not such a wacky idea fter all!