Wednesday, August 02, 2006

can't close my eyes and make it go away

this is still happening.

we have posted here about the ungodly destruction of our planet via Mountain Top Removal. today i was prompted by an email to check out this page and reminded of my (wavering) comitment to do what i could to end this practice of coal mining.
with energy prices going up this will be a battle made more fierce in coming years. please see this site and look at ways you might conserve your own energy use. i must confess i feel like it is too big an issue for us to change...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word about the economic, environmental and human rights disaster we call mountaintop removal, geoff. Your doing great stuff on this blog, whether or not your commitment is "wavering."

I very much differ with your feelings about whether this juggernaut that is consuming our mountains and culture can be stopped, however. As someone who has worked to end mountaintop removal for some time now, I honest-to-God think that we're on the verge of stopping the worst of it (the big ones with valley fills). After major articles in Vanity Fair, Oprah Magazine, National Geographic, and more, all the signs are that the nation is finally beginning to wake up to this disaster.

America is too great and Americans are too good to allow mountaintop removal to continue. Once the cloak of secrecy that has sheltered the coal companies has been lifted, mountaintop removal will end. As such, your efforts are far from futile - in fact it's precisely the democratic power of the internet that is lifting that cloak and you and your blog are a part of it.

So buck up and keep it up and we'll stop this madness forever.

JW Randolph said...
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JW Randolph said...

The Ashram,
I wish you had been at the Public Hearing about another coal silo at Marsh Fork Elementary 2 weeks ago! 20 of 23 speakers BERATED the coal industry, which almost all of them had personal or family ties to! We covered it here

The majority of WV'ians OPPOSE mountaintop removal!

The survey was conducted June 13-15, 2004. Professional interviewers talked by phone with 500 likely voters in West Virginia. Results of the poll reveal solid opposition to the practice of mountaintop removal mining and show that opposition to be broad and deep, across all demographics groups and every region of the state:


By a nearly 2 to 1 margin, likely voters oppose mountaintop removal mining (56 percent opposed, 29 percent favored and 15 percent were undecided).

Among the 56 percent who opposed the practice, 39 percent strongly opposed. Among the 29 percent in favor, only 12 percent strongly favored.

Among men and women, under and over 50-year-olds, across all regions of the state, in union and non-union households alike, responses from all groups showed between 53-65 percent opposed and 17-32 percent in support. No one group defined by age, gender, location, etc., supported rather than opposed MTR.

The poll also shows that voters are overwhelmingly concerned about the findings of federal government studies that describe the impacts of mountaintop removal on the state’s environment. After the initial questions about MTR summarized above, participants in the survey were read several of the findings from the EIS:


Upon hearing that if new limits are not placed on mountaintop removal, the estimated area that will be stripped by the end of the decade encompasses 1.4 million acres of forests mountains and streams (over 2,200 square miles), 79 percent are concerned and only 18 percent are not.

Upon hearing the finding that more than 1,200 miles of streams in Appalachia have already been buried or destroyed by mountaintop removal coal mining, with another 1,000 miles projected for burial and destruction in the next ten years if limits are not placed on MTR, again 78 percent expressed concern.

Were on the right side of history and we are on the side of the people of the coalfields! And we are going to win!

geoff and sherry said...

Lazyhorse and JW.
thank you so much for your comments. you have done much to give me hope and i'm renewing my expectation for positive change. thanks to you two and the many others for whom this is a daily challenge. keep up the great, life-giving work...and thanks again for the encouragement.

JW Randolph said...

Hey Geoff
Keep following our action at, and feel free to join us for MTR week in Washington the second week of september. Info is on our website! Let your friends know!