Thursday, December 28, 2006

christmas eve pics

the samson's hosted us for the communality christmas eve gathering. here are some of the pics i snapped (you can see some more by clicking on any of the images.)

communality advent wreath





Dan Lowe said...

Whoa, is that last picture Communality "pew style?" We leave for two weeks and you guys start setting up pews!! Hmmm...don't know about that? Hey, Jeanine and I miss all of our Communality family and look forward to returning to Lexington/Wilmore in the next few days.

Sandy said...

Great idea of "pew style" service in your home. Although I loved our Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church, that is a great idea for next yr. Just found your blog, like your overall message.

La said...

i came across your blog after reading shane's book. i came to search out any info i could get on what "real" community looks like WITH KIDS. i totally appreciate shane's making himself at home in camden, but what about striving for community with a family? i wondered what your (those of you with kids) life looks like in regards to shane's book and your attempts to be a genuine part of community with those around you. i am so so accustomed to living individually that it is hard for me to even think creatively about how our family would live differently than we a reasonably-sized house in the suburbs with three kids, a school close-by, and two cars. please help us to think WAY outside of that. thanks, karla

La said...

my email, by the way, is

thanks for any input. love what you are doing. would love to learn from you.

geoff and sherry said...

hey dan. hope you had a good christmas/new year. relax though...the pews were practical in design and you should know better than to be fooled by mere appearances :)

sandy, thanks for leaving a comment. i liked your blog and we share a keen interest in hospitality. maria kenney from our community wrote an excellent chapter in "school(s) for conversion: 12 marks of a new monasticim" about how, as households and as a community we are trying to live out generous, mimssional, hospitality.

karla, great questions(s). we have as many as 8 children (between 4yrs and still-in-the-belly) in our community. we are just working this out. in our early days we did look a lot more like shane's community ('the simple way') but kids have changed that are we are joyfully (if a bit clumsily) seeing how to keep that missionary spirit going with our little ones.

i'll think more about it and email you...anyone else from the community with a reflection for karla? post here or email her.


ryan k said...

We should probably confess, Karla, that our community occurs in a number of physical houses, and we don't all share a roof, like I think they do in Camden. As one who gets to enjoy the kids that others bring to the party, I love having such young friends as my 12- and 8- and 4- and 3-year-old buddies. These young members of our community love so well, so unselfconsciously. Please come and meet them (us) if you can as we are better live than we are electronic.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Koch,

This is Allison Fasig. Remember me? Asbury Counseling friend? I came across you as I was searching through the simple way website. Small world yet I am not suprised to meet you here. I should have know that you were involved in this...My husband introduced me to Shane's book. We are searching right now...looking for a simpler way to live and finding the Jesus that we lost along the way.

I would love to hear from you.


ryan k said...

Hey Allison,
Great to hear from you. I do hope things are going well for your family in Nashville(?). And are you a trio these days? Bless you each as you journey back toward Jesus.
Please forgive me, but I hesitate to give you more personal contact information in such a public realm. Please advise.

Anonymous said...


I still have my Asbury email if you want to email me there. I didn't even think about this being such a public environment. Sorry! I hope to talk with you soon.


geoff and sherry said...

can you two keep it down...we're trying to have a blog over here :)