Saturday, December 09, 2006

isaiah's advent prayer

sherry, maria, mary, and lisa have taken off to chicago this weekend for the school for conversion . so isaac and i are having a lads weekend which means plenty of loud music (at breakfast time!)...we share a love for johnny cash and u2 and isaac's favorite track right now is "the saints are coming" (a u2/greenday collaboration). my favorite tune (for this week) is the new u2 single, "window in the skies." it is a great advent/christmas tune - see the lyrics here.
at this time of the year i love to read Isaiah and get excited (along with the writer) about another possible world. so, this advent, i am praying with Isaiah:
"O that you would tear open the heavens and come down..." (64:1)


Dan Lowe said...


This reminds me of surfing until the sun would go down in Panama City. It was like the sun was ripping through the clouds on the horizon, making a sun beam boardwalk right onto the gulf!!


frank said...

i too join Isaiah in the asking God to open the Heavens and come down this advent season. O, btw, that is a great U2 track!