Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Advent: Being Patient

Be patient, be patient,
    don't be in such a hurry;
When you get impatient -
    you only start to worry.

Remember, remember,
    that God is patient, too;
And think of all the times
    when others have to wait for you!

So reverberates the song from my childhood.... but what happens when that patience stretches to Peter's analogy and a thousand years is like a day? The waiting for the redemption of advent is anything but easy.

(Read on)In reflecting on patience, several folks within our community come to mind. Ask Greg and (especially!) Mary about the waiting process which lies behind the work of a Ph.D. and energy and efforts within a fledgeling faith community. Speak with Sherry and hear of the waiting process of growth within the soil of a garden, as well as of the kingdom imagery and work which this evokes. Share with Robbie and Melissa in the recent birth of thier child, or with Jodie in her present expectancy, and discover a theme of waiting with which our community has been well familiarized of late.

The Kingdom is coming, and the Kingdom is right at hand.... and yet, even in the glimpses of it, we wait expectantly for it. We particiapte in the waiting with each other as we encourage one another in patience and perserverance.

Take a look at last year's reflections, and pass along the patient yet active expectation.

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