Wednesday, December 20, 2006

nourishment from Leunig

michael leunig is a regular source of poetic comfort and challenge to me. here are a couple of prayers from him for this season.

Dear God, it is timely that we give thanks for the lives of all prophets, teachers, healers and revolutionaries, living and dead, acclaimed or obscure, who have rebelled, worked and suffered for the cause of love and joy.
We also celebrate that part of us, that part within ourselves, which has rebelled, worked and suffered for the cause of love and joy.
We give thanks and we celebrate.

Love is born
With a dark and troubled face
When hope is dead
And in the most unlikely place
Love is born:
Love is always born.


ryan k said...

Aw Geoff, you candle-lighter.

Christopher Lioi said...


Everyone in Christ has outstanding gifts of the spirit and are a part of God's work on earth. We only need the wisdom of the love of Christ so we can see ourselves and others as Jesus sees us. Then we'll have the belief and courage to express our God given gifts...

Kate Perkins said...

Hey communality.

This is Kate Perkins.

I visited this summer, doing a project on "new monastic" stuff.

I tried to send out an email to everyone I'd interviewed...but realized I didn't have any of your correct email addresses....I'd love to get addresses for Geoff and Sherry, Sara B., Maria and Brian....any anyone else interested.

I'd love to send on some findings/themes/beginnings of my paper.


my email: