Wednesday, October 12, 2005

blue gold

In 1995, a vice president of the World Bank famously declared that, as the wars of the 20th century were fought over oil, so the wars of the 21st would be fought over water. (source)
water is the hot topic here in Lexington....see these sites for differing opinions/information.
Kentucky American Water

it is a very serious debate that has more to do with ideology (free-market capitalism vs. public commons...commodities vs. human rights/essential services) than it does with H2O, rivers, lakes, and the hydrologic cycle. but there is a bigger water shortage.
see this BBC article for an overview and links.

bit depressing.

anyway, we went to an event planned by the FLOW people tonight and it was good to hear someone like Maude Barlow present her ideas and talk about the connection between my kitchen tap and globalization. i'll leave the debate up to others.....but i will say this. four of us went together to the talk tonight and the conversation before and after was such a delight. i'm very glad to belong to a group of Jesus-imitators that think so differently from one another and come from such a broad set of experiences and backgrounds. the guys i went with show me different ways of looking at things and always push back at my inane ramblings with bright, reflective insight.
thanks lads.
it (almost) doesn't matter that you are wrong :)

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ryan k said...

For the Record,
As interesting as our exchange was, I for one was ready to get home to my wife and have a briefing on the funniest parts of Will Farrel's film, Kicking And Screaming, a delightful departure from concerns about human rights and commodities. ( ball to face funny...)
Ryan K.