Monday, October 17, 2005

creation trashed

thanks to jonny for the tip about this artist.
i thought this was a brilliant re-imagining of monet for our creation and theology conversations this week at Asbury Theological Seminary.

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billy said...


What a wonderful take on Monet's classic painting-it shows what is so wonderful about art and it's profound capacity to help us re-imagine the world around us-it takes a painting that could easily lose all of it's power (and personhood) by being locked up in a museum or by becoming the idolatrous obsession of our own tendency toward servility/sychophancy-"oh behold this masterpiece by Monet, let us look at it and consider it......"-and sets it free to be known by new generations and related to in new gives to it the proper repspect that any masterpiece like this should lets it to speak to the heart of a fellow human being and do something fresh and new.....thanks Geoff...and thanks especially Jony