Tuesday, October 11, 2005

home...but not alone

Isaac and I are home alone for a few days. here we are grilling out this evening...nice healthy flame on the grill in the background.
since returning from our trip to greenbelt the house has seemed very empty with Brad and Laura gallivanting around the land of Oz(tralia)...now the house seems even more bare with sherry gone to the emergent gathering in Glorieta (New Mexico) with Will and Jen.

it's starting to feel like one of those last-one-standing reality TV shows around here ("Survivor: East 4th St"). i have my money on Isaac getting the last spot...i'll be sent off saying something like, "he's just too tough...too aggressive. i can't compete with his stamina. where does he get the energy? the kid can go all day and still give 110% after lights out...and he's only 2!"

anyway, i hope the delegates from Communality are having a good time and we look forward to hearing about their travels. i hope to find someone blogging at the gathering...i know andrew will if he gets a chance.


Ken said...

I bet you and Isaac have heaps of fun "alone" : )

Great picture of Isaac - and you're not looking to bad yourself Geoff!

geoff said...

thanks kenneth.
won't be long and you'll be chasing a little baker around the place. hope leanne's feeling better. we have almost made it...we pick sherry up at the airport tonight and i think we have survived okay.
peace to you and leanne.