Wednesday, October 19, 2005

missing mountains

Friday, October 21st at 7pm
at Joseph Beth Booksellers (Lexington Green).

Wendell Berry, Silas House, Ed McClanahan, Bob Sloan, Kristin Johannsen, Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, Jordan Fisher Smith, Rebecca Bailey, Chris Holbrook, George Brosi, James Baker Hall and Loyal Jones.

A growing number of authors are speaking and writing against the highly destructive practice of mountaintop removal mining that takes place upstream from Central Kentucky in the Appalachian coalfields. Authors from two coalfield tours coordinated by Kentuckians For The Commonwealth will share their views and discuss their forthcoming book "Missing Mountains".
Come out to listen to a phenomenal array of Kentucky Authors and to show your support for KFTC's work against Mountaintop Removal.


Anonymous said...

Thank you guys for coming out to the Missing Mountains reading. I am very interested in the guiding aesthetic, if you will, of your blog. The choices you make are interesting, readable. How can I learn more about the Ashram(I'm a non-Christian)?

geoff and sherry said...

hey whitney,
thanks for your comment.
the best way to learn about our 'guiding aesthetic' is to meet us :)
we are interested in how the ways of jesus can be worked out in this time and place. more than interested, really - we are very much comitted to love as jesus demonstated it. we believe that by following jesus we are caught up in a movement that seeks a world of love and justice - where the voiceless are given a voice and oppressive forces are confronted with the sermon on the mount. we have been learning that these things can only be realized in a community that is open to the world around it so we are especially careful not to form a christian ghetto. we are mostly stumbling and questioning our way into these things but we are increasingly surprised what a beautiful and eclectic collection of people can be gathered around such principles.

there is lots more. feel free to email sherry and me ( if you want to know more. thanks again for reading 'the ashram'.