Monday, October 17, 2005

Kingdom Conference '05

We are taking ourselves out to Asbury Theological Seminary this week for their annual conference about holistic mission..."exploring issues of mission, mercy, and justice."

This year the theme is "Creation Healed." We have a table each year (along with other mission agencies) to let students know about our missional community, hear about what people are learning, and share our stories of applied missiology. this year we are especially excited about raising awareness for the anti Mountain Top Removal cause. if you have read this blog before you know what a critical issue this is for us locally, but also regionally and nationally.

if you are interested, see here and here for more background. also the official site here.

As a way of setting the tone for the conference ATS professor and well known author, Howard Snyder has written a brilliant paper adressing issues of Environmentalism and Christianity. entitled Salvation Means Creation Healed: Creation, Cross, Kingdom, and Mission. the paper directly addresses the question, "Why don’t Evangelicals, in particular, take stewardship and creation care more seriously?". Dr. Snyder does a masterful job of making sense of this "hole in the Evangelical worldview." If you would like a copy of the paper let me know and i will very happy to send it to you.

...for another excellent essay on creation and theology see this one by Wendell Berry.

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