Friday, October 21, 2005

i accept ugly

thanks (again) to jonny for putting us on to Howies - one of the new breed of businesses willing to do their retailing in fresh/ethical ways. their website has some wonderful stuff....i'm a big fan of the food reflections, particularly the "i accept ugly" piece.

I Accept Ugly.
I accept that fruit and vegetables come in all shapes and sizes.
Like life, it takes all sorts.
I accept apples that don't have perfect skin.
(Remember being a teenager?)
I also accept scary looking carrots, over-sized swedes and onions so ugly they make your eyes water.
I accept blemishes on cauliflower leaves especially as we don't eat that bit anyway.
I accept rhubarbs that are taller than corporate policy.
I accept potatoes come from the ground. I have also come to terms with the fact they may well have dirt on as a result.
And as for turnips, well, they were never meant to be one of nature's good-lookers.
You see, nature grew them all. Nature gave them the OK. And, this is the important bit, nature gave these ugly critters as much goodness as the pretty ones.
These are shallow times, I know.
Even so, to throw away 20-30% of the food we grow on the grounds that it's not pretty enough, seems like we have lost the garden plot.
You say your customers demand it this way, well, just so you know, this one doesn't.

By A Customer that accepts ugly


james said...

This poem reminds me of the "Ugly Tomatoes" from Florida. A farmer (really a large farm owner) didn't like the tomatoes you find in the grocery so he farm started putting out tomatoes that weren't modified. They weren't much to look at, big, bulbous and oddly coloured, but they tasted great. They started to sell like hot cakes all over the country. But the Florida State Agricultural Commission (Florida's responsible for something like 80% of the countries tomatoes.) didn't like his ugly tomatoes. They have created the "perfect" qualifications for what a tomatoes should look like (unfortunely, that don't taste, period) . So they shut him down. He can no longer export his "Ugly" tomatoes outside the state of Florida. Guess we'll still shop at the farmers market.

geoff said...

thanks for this amazing factoid....unbelievable. i looked it up and here's the story if anyone is interested.