Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A convicting moment

Someone once said that husbands and wives often begin to think (and even look) more and more alike as the years go on. I'm not sure about the latter, but it was pretty amazing to be preparing this post about Thomas, only to find that my husband had just posted about him as well. I too was moved by his presence at our meeting this weekend. As Thomas snored, we joked about having one of the kids wake him up with a little rhyme. Then someone said, "No, he's probably tired from staying out all night on the streets. He needs this rest, let's let him be." I was reminded of how John, our housemate, was in the same predicament just before moving in with us. He'd come to the High Street House and sleep during the day, fortifying himself against the uncertain night to come.

Thanks to whomever reminded us that High Street is to be a refuge, a place of rest for those in need.

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billy said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when ole' Thomas took a snooze on us Saturday night. It is wonderful that he's able to find this kind of place of rest and safety, and from what I understand it seems like things are trending upward for him. I know that Ryan and Geoff have spent some really good time with him and getting EnterChange up and going is going to be really helpful in these and similar situations. Thanks so much for your love and encouragement over the years, and for making our home such a wonderful place of "refuge." You are my hospitality sweetheart, even if Christine remains America's......