Tuesday, September 19, 2006

GreenCity Meeting

This event might be worth our time...if you go can you blog us a report please.

1st Green City Town Meeting
Global Warming: Lexington and the Future
Date: Thursday, Sept. 21st 2006, 7pm-9pm
Location: Kentucky Theater
Sponsored by GreenLex.org (GL PodCast)

Purpose: Explain national scientific consensus that there is Global Warming caused by human use of fossil fuels and discuss the consequences for future generations. Highlight what our community is doing now and what opportunities may exist for Lexington in the future. Invite community discussion, suggestions and provide feedback. Provide news media (including invited representatives from local College and High School newspapers) with digital press kit including information graphics and references.

Moderator: Tom Marten Editor in Chief, BizLex (w/Podcast)
Mayor Teresa Isaac
Charlie Milward (Bluegrass Partnership for Green Community)
Patty Draus (CoolCities Program)
Jonathan Miller (Kentucky Treasurer)
Veronica Judy-Cecil (Ben Chandler’s Representitive)
Interfaith Alliance
Scott Smith (Lexington Environmental Engineer, Chief of Staff the Kentucky Environment and Public Protect Cabinet 2004- 2006, Acting Executive Director of Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission 2005- 2006 )

Agenda: 2 Hours.
1st Hour Presentation, 2nd Hour community input, next step discussions.
A. Introduction:Micheal Jonathan Song. GreenLex Introduction and Science of Global Warming charts.
B. What is being done in Lexington:US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.Bluegrass Partnership for Green Community.CoolCities and other programs.
C. Lexington’s Future:Interfaith AllianceJonathan Miller Kentucky State Treasurer (Global warming and green jobs) Scott Smith (Lexington’s economic and ecologic sustainable growth) Ben Chandler's Representative
D. What can I do?:GreenLex.org and NEW site tools and features including Bluegrass Energy & GreenLiving NEW Online Directory.
E. Open DisscusionQ&A with Q&A Panel.“Next Steps” Discussion and Summary.

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