Monday, September 11, 2006

The power of memory

Today is a day that our nation has set aside to remember the tragic events of September 11 2001. On this day of remembrance, reflection, and shared memories I thought that I would share a Dostoevsky quote that I found in a newsletter from our friends Oliver & Amanda Rimes at the Woodcrest Bruderhof Community. The quote is embedded in a short essay on children that exhorts all of us to give to every child the love, security, and sense of positive belonging that they need. Given our current situation in the world, and the cycles of violence that we seem unable (or unwilling)to break, I thought that this might be a good reminder to all of us to focus our attention upon creating some good memories for ALL CHILDREN, whether they be jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or born again pagans. Sometimes I feel like it is a lot easier for us to hold onto or nurture the bad memories than it is to join together in creating good ones that are ultimately stronger than the bad.

"There is nothing higher and stronger and more wholesome for life in the future than some good memory, especially a memory of childhood, of home. People talk to you a great deal about education. But some good, sacred memory preserved from childhood-that is perhaps the best education. For if a man has only one good memory left in his heart, even that may keep him from evil......And if he carries many such memories with him into life, he is safe for the end of his days (Fyodor Dostoevsky)."

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Anonymous said...

amen and amen. this seems the most vital and worthwhile step in peacemaking. thanks. patrick