Friday, September 15, 2006

The parable of the persistent farmer

I thought this story, sent to me by a friend, was pretty funny. Persistence is an important thing....

88-year-old farmer fathers a son

An 88-year-old Indian farmer has become one of the oldest men ever to become a dad.
Virmaram Jat has been trying for a son for 60 years.
The mother is his third wife Gammo Devi, 45 years his junior.
Virmaram, who already has a daughter of 16, lives in a remote mud hut in India with his family and tends cattle, goats and camels.
According to the Sun he said: "I am a farmer with simple needs. I have intercourse daily and the best time is between 2am and 4am.
"I will try to have more children. It is up to God whether he blesses me. I don't want to live for 100 years but my desire is that as long as I live, I enjoy my sexual life."
Virmaram's 85-year-old first wife, who still lives with him, helped choose the mum and assisted at the birth.
His nephew, 60, has vowed to raise the boy when he dies.
The world's oldest recorded dad was Aussie Les Colley, who was 92.

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ryan k said...

Wow, Billy: I thought you were joking when you said you were going to ashram that bit of news. I will try to be more persistent in taking you for your word in the future.