Thursday, September 14, 2006

Goodbyes from an intersection.....

This is a poem from our brother Dan as he continues his quest to find the beauty of Jesus in all things, especially in the forsaken places and moments.

Goodbyes from an Intersection

In the distance, I could see your face.
That marbled look of cold years and hard work made me think back to the time you shared a cracked sliver of your life with me.

How the dreadful passing of time runs its course at its own speed and slamming on the breaks only equals the amount of time between the breath you take and the whisper I hear.

On the ground I could see the remnant of my tears, pooling in the indentions left from your feet, and I could mark the number of shoe prints in the mud until they disappeared in your stone cold stare.

In the moment taken for a merry go round to come full circle, I could see your face, warm and serene against the pillow; your hands folded neatly upon your chest, just a body returned to the mud your shoes used to steal.

Dan Lowe

1 comment:

geoff said...

thanks for your writing and reflections. i'm so glad you have been hanging out downtown and using your considerable gift of paying attention and turning it into muse.
keep it coming.