Thursday, November 16, 2006


What, pray tell, is the significance of 683?

Well, it is way the heck over the required score of 350 on the P.A. licensure exam.

You can put together the rest.


geoff and sherry said...

congrats mrs lisa graham! what a we have a(nother) medical professional in our midst.

geoff and sherry

billy said...

Tremendous score Lisa! I am not at all surprised...your passion for medicine is obvious and your susbstantial smarts evident in all that you do.....and it is very cool to see your husbands pride in your accomplishment....take some time to relax and enjoy!

Blue November said...

Ah, and I failed to mention that you should ask her what percent of questions she missed in the area of Infectious Disease. (Hint: it's a non-negative integer less than 1)

Will said...


Congrats, girl.

ReDizzle said...

Way to Go Lisa! You Rock!