Friday, November 17, 2006

babel (the movie)

sherry and i went to see Babel on our date night this week.
it is a movie that wears you a good way. intense and engaging, incredible direction, stunning imagery overlayed with sparse but potent dialogue.
each scene might be the seed for a doctoral study in anthropology and it is a must see for anyone interested in missiology and our globalising world.

at a closer-to-home level we both ached for the characters, their lot in life. tragic mistakes. heartbreaking lonliness. the redemptive moments toward the end caught the magical tension between the particular (personal) and universal healing for which we all yearn (in our better moments).

it is one of those movies that has stayed with us for days...churning away in the some 'back room' of our brains. if you are up for a provocative, disturbing and ultimately beautiful experience go and see it....or just go and see it for our sake so we can talk about it with some others :)

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Kyle said...

I saw Running with Scissors. It just made me think about sin a lot. I think I'll see Babel next week. :0)